About Author

My name is Angela Allen Johnson and I am the CEO/Founder of The Angela Johnson Group. Im affectionately known as *The Mother *The Minister and *The Mogul. Let me tell you why.
The Mother
I have two grown children. My oldest daughter’s name is VaShaun Nicole and my youngest Dwanae’ Monique. Additionally I have two son-in-laws, and seven grandchildren. My oldest grandson just got marriage this year to add to our close knit family. We always look forward when we get to spend time together.
The Minister
I was married to a Marine for eight years. We traveled as far west as Honolulu, and as far east as Charleston, South Carolina. I was licensed into ministry in Charleston and later ordained when the marriage ended in 1988. It was then later in 2000 when I would start my Evangelistic Outreach ministry. My job in the body of Christ was to help mature it’s member. I hosted what was called then “Sons and Daughters.” Later God would call me to the office of a Prophet.
The Mogul
My career as a Early Childhood educator would finish rounding out my career. I taught preschool from 1980 until 2018. Upon retiring I began to explore more of my business desires. I began writing my first book in 2009. The name of that book is: “My View of God’s Tapestry” which happens to be an inspirational biography of my childhood experiences until returning home after our divorce. My second book is a inspirational devotional, called: When Destiny and Legacy Kiss: Purpose is Born. My third book is a self-care manual which is called: The Self-Care Manual for Extremely Busy People. My fourth book is called: Journal Therapy for Relationships. It covers things you need to know during an engagement, marriage, divorce and re-marriage. My fifth book was written with my daughter called: 365 Days of Attack, But God. My final book will be launched in 2023 called: The Healing Power of Prayer. Along with being an author, I am a Lifecoach, Mobile Notary and a Early Childcare consultant. For the last two summers I have been in the audience for the television court show: “Relative Justice.” Now you know why Im called *The Mother *The Minister and The Mogul.
My future goals include renewing my Systems Award Management account to work toward training and helping others through governmental contracts. And obtaining certifications as a Black owned woman in business business and a Small business owner to advocate for those who are traditionally unheard and unseen.